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Snapping turtles, in particular, are known their aggressive personality and tough jaws, which can inflict serious bite wounds.


The snapper will usually avoid confrontation while in the water, but, if disturbed on land, the creature will strike rapidly by reaching forward and snapping with their beaks.

Turtles can become a nuisance in almost any body of water. Any small body of water with an adequate food source will do. If the water has food in it or around it, turtles may decide to take up residence there.

In residential areas, most problems occur when local turtles find a man made fish pond containing koi, goldfish, or other ornamental fish.

Turtles are a great natural resource. It does not make sense to wipe out the entire turtle population when they move onto your property. For this reason, the preferred method of dealing with problems is to trap and remove the turtles which are causing the damage and relocate them at least 10 miles away.

There are a number of traps available that can be successfully used to capture turtles. The key to successful turtle trapping is using the right trap on the problem turtle.

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