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Gary Clark is known in Florida for wrangling invasive hogs – an “art” he teaches his twelve-year-old daughter, Jayde. He’s one of the best hunters in the state and an all around wilderness guru.

He’s the first guy on the team to climb a tree to get a bird’s eye view of the terrain and tackles every challenge with youthful enthusiasm. 

Early Life

Gary Clark, was born and raised out in the country and spent a lot of his youth alone in the woods not only hunting animals but also observing, stalking and watching them. He’s been trapping for almost as long as he’s been hunting- since he was maybe six or seven years old. He started by trapping birds and varmints that were out of the horse barn that used to eat all the horse feed.

As he grew up he had to learn how to not only trap and remove, but also learn how to fence farmland to keep the nuisance animals away from crops, out of food plots and their vegetables. As he got older he perfected his skills and has been doing animal nuisance trapping and removal ever since on agricultural applications, residential environments and for business properties.


If you have an any nuisance issue contact us today! 


His favorite animals to trap is the Florida hogs that are over populating our Florida ecosystem. Florida hosts more than half a million hogs– the second largest population of hogs in the country behind Texas, but also the oldest bloodline. Today, wild hogs are considered the most destructive invasive species in the country, and the greatest wildlife challenge that the US faces in the 21st century. According to US Department of Agriculture estimates, they cause north of $2.5bn in damage each year. With gnarled tusks and bodies that can swell to the size of oak bourbon barrels, they trash watersheds, destroy crops, attack livestock, spread disease, terrorize residents and desecrate archeological sites; they are aggressive, whip-smart, lightning-fast and dine opportunistically on oak berries, trash, corn, carrion and each other. A passel of hogs can take out a commercial watermelon or tomato farm overnight, leaving the fields resembling a blast site from a hail of mortar shells.


He either baits and traps them or catches them with his highly trained dogs. Hog hunting with dogs is by far the most exciting way to hunt hogs. ‘It’s an intense, fast paced hunt that you never forget no matter how many times you do it,” exclaims Gary! He has probably trapped close to 10,000 hogs so far in his lifetime which is why he is dubbed the “Hogwrangler” and the rest is as we say-history! He goes on day after day continuing to do what he loves! 

Family Life

Like father like daughter! Gary’s daughter Jayde, is 12 years old and has been trapping and catching animals of all kinds since she was old enough to walk (which can be shown in our gallery). She is a very talented girl that loves spending time with her dad and just being outdoors. Jayde participated with her dad in many episodes on the Guardians of the Glades show on the Discovery channel that brought the dad and daughter trapping team duo a lot of fame. Will the daughter surpass her dad in hogwrangling? Make sure to follow our social media channels to follow all of our hogwrangler and family animal nuisance trapping adventures to find out

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"Guardians of the Glades," on the Discovery Channel spotlights Dusty "The Wildman" Crum, Gary Clark and others on their mission to save the Florida Everglades from an invasive breeding population of giant constrictors known as Burmese pythons. The show aired for 2 Seasons in 2019 and 2020 with a total of 14 episodes.


The reality series follows the snake hunter and his team as they take part in Florida's python bounty program and engage in harrowing wrestling matches in the treacherous swamps. The series highlights this team's heroic attempt to regain control over the Glades and to protect its fragile and dwindling animal populations.

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