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Bobcats can become dangerous especially if they are infected with rabies. Hogwrangler Wildlife Removal specialists provide professional bobcat trapping and removal services in Florida. 

Bobcats are very adaptable, and are a predator.  They can be found in different types of environments, from forest, to swamp, and the outskirts of urban areas. 

Although bobcats usually avoid human contact, sometimes a bobcat can wander where it’s not supposed to be, and make their homes in domestic areas such as yards, landscapes, golf courses, and parks.  


Bobcats can be dangerous, especially for small household pets. Cats and dogs are in danger if they are alone outside with hunting bobcats nearby. 


If bobcats are prevalent in an area or property where there are small children, they must be captured immediately.  Our professional bobcat capture and control service is needed to successfully remove the wild bobcats from a domestic area.

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