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Hogs (Wild Boar)


Hogwrangling is our specialty- hence the name. Feral hogs in rural and urban areas break underground sprinkler and irrigation system pipes to access water contained in those lines. They can cause damage to floodgates and holes in fencing.


Feral hogs (wild hogs) often dig holes and root around in lawns, gardens, and landscaped areas while they are searching for food in the ground; roots and small grubs and insects, and worms. After they have dug and rooted around, they may leave, but they may also come back to dig up more in search of food.


Hogs are dangerous to pets and livestock, and some diseases they carry can also be transmitted to humans. Protect your pets, livestock, and yourself; if you see feral hogs near your home or office, contact Hogwrangler to get help!


Contact us today for nuisance hog removal.

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